happy day


3 years ago today i married the love of my life in san diego.  i vividly remember looking at B and being so excited to be together for eternity.
nothing has changed.
that song by train says it all by saying “marry me today and everyday”.
that is exactly how i feel. everyday i thank my heavenly father that he brought this amazing man into my life.  this man that is so funny, i cry in laughter on a daily basis. this man that supports everything i do and loves me all the same. this man that loves the gospel with his whole being. this man that grabs my face when he kisses me. this man that always comes to cuddle when the darkness turns to day. this is the man i have always dreamed of.

no marriage is perfect. everyone should know that. B and i don’t always see eye to eye but our common ground of loving each other makes any difference of opinion fall by the way side. love is what matters.

so here’s to loving you for all eternity. there is nothing i would rather do.