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A Romantic Evening in the Valley

Although technically we celebrated our wedding anniversary earlier this month with B Spears, something special still had to be done on the 28th because I think everything in life should be celebrated to the fullest. And what better way to do so than with beautiful french food at Le Papillon?

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If I had to pick, I would eat french food for every meal. It is my favorite cuisine (Japanese is a close second). I love the rich flavors of perfectly prepared French food.  I love how the French make the meal an experience in and of itself. I love how dessert is pondered over as thoroughly as the main dish.
…and I think I could live off of baguettes and cheese for weeks.

It was my first time at Le Papillon and it was unforgettable. I was actually introduced to this restaurant by my parents who were in San Jose for a Radiohead concert (yes, random) and decided to take a chance on Le Papillon. They couldn’t stop raving about it and even gave me a gift card for my birthday so there was no excuse not to partake. The menu is structured by courses and you choose the price of your meal by how many courses you would like to eat. We picked four over the standard three because we wanted to honor the French and make this an event!

To start off the chef prepares several “amuse-bouche” (a bite size hors d’oeuvre) to prepare (and amuse) our pallets for the larger courses that are to come. My favorite amuse-bouche was a goat cheese and beet bite.

I won’t bore you with all the details of everything we ate but I will say my favorite course was dessert. It was a chocolate fudge bar with crystallized caramel on top accompanied with chilled coconut cream. I would rate the dessert alone a 8.7.
B’s favorite dish was the sword fish with fried potatoes and crisp kale.






Overall, I would rate Le Papillon 4 stars. The service and atmosphere was top notch and the food tasted as good as it was beautiful. I hope to return someday.


happy day


3 years ago today i married the love of my life in san diego.  i vividly remember looking at B and being so excited to be together for eternity.
nothing has changed.
that song by train says it all by saying “marry me today and everyday”.
that is exactly how i feel. everyday i thank my heavenly father that he brought this amazing man into my life.  this man that is so funny, i cry in laughter on a daily basis. this man that supports everything i do and loves me all the same. this man that loves the gospel with his whole being. this man that grabs my face when he kisses me. this man that always comes to cuddle when the darkness turns to day. this is the man i have always dreamed of.

no marriage is perfect. everyone should know that. B and i don’t always see eye to eye but our common ground of loving each other makes any difference of opinion fall by the way side. love is what matters.

so here’s to loving you for all eternity. there is nothing i would rather do.