A Foodie’s Guide to Disneyland

As mentioned in my previous post, this weekend we headed south to meet my in laws and experience Disneyland. I have not been to Disneyland in about 6 years(…and now remember why). First tip, do not go to Disneyland over Memorial Day weekend. A Disneyland employee told us that besides New Years, Memorial Day Weekend is the busiest time to visit. The crowds were insane! We rode on about 12 rides the 14 hours we were at the park. Nevertheless, It was an adventure and many memories were made!

I enjoy the various rides at Disneyland (space mountain is definitely my favorite) but what excites me is the sweet treats. So without further or do, let’s get to the best eats at the Happiest Place on Earth!


1. Dole Whip – available at the Tiki Juice Bar in Adventure Land
This treat is a classic and probably the most recognizable. I prefer to get the dole whip float so the pineapple soft serve is submerged in fresh pineapple juice. It is quite refreshing –I kept on wishing I was devouring this treat at a beach. A girl can dream right?

photo 2

2. PB&J Soda – available at Carnation Cafe on Main St.
I, unfortunately, did not have a spare moment to try this drink but I hear it is a must– When else will you drink a PB& J? It is described as “A tall, fizzy concoction that looks like a grape soda but has a delicious backbeat of peanut butter.” If you do try, please let me know what you think!

3. Matterhorn Macaroon – available at Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main St.
This treat is instagram worthy (especially when standing in view of the actual Matterhorn). I already love coconut macaroons so to have the added white chocolate icing on top, truly hits the spot. Wish this was available outside of the park!

4. Churro – available all over the park as well as Downtown Disney
This is B’s favorite treat and Disney sure knows how to make it perfectly warm and sugared! Although churro stands are located through out the park, I hear the best place to get one is California Churros located in Downtown Disney where there are multiple flavors to choose from!

5. Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter sandwich - available at Pooh’s corner in Critter Country
My absolute favorite combination is chocolate and peanut butter! Nothing compares to milk chocolate and smooth salty peanut butter (salted caramel is second). I actually made this treat at home a couple years ago before even buying one at Disneyland and let me tell you, you can’t even taste the difference! I am glad I finally have a way to bring Disneyland home with me.

photo 3

sorry for the blurriness…this photo was taken as we were racing to the Matterhorn!

6. Beignets – available at Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square
I have been to New Orleans a couple times before and although these beignets are not up to the Cafe du Monde standard, they are still very good and are in the shape of mickey mouse. I suggest ordering a hot chocolate and dunking your beignets for a whole new twist.

7. Blue Bayou – located inside the Pirate of the Caribbean ride
This was my first time eating at the Blue Bayou and can guarantee it won’t be my last! I  loved the low lighting and Southern architecture. The most famous dish at the Blue Bayou is called the Monte Cristo. It is a deep fried ham + cheese sandwich sprinkled with powder sugar accompanied with vanilla and berry sauces. Everyone at our table ordered the Monte Cristo and could not stop raving about it. However, I am not a ham person so I opted to try the chicken entree which was very good as well. I do recommend getting reservations for this restaurant at least a month in advance because it can book up fast (especially in the summer months).

8. Plaza Inn – located on Main Street
This cafeteria style restaurant is a great pit stop for any meal while at Disneyland. We ate dinner here and had fabulous fried chicken! The Plaza Inn also serves salad, soup and pasta. The velvet decor inside makes you feel like you are in the South about to sit down for tea. I also love the striped pink umbrellas that paint the patio.


9. Lobster Roll – available at Harbor Gallery in Critter Country
Again, I didn’t have a chance to try so I am relying on my research when suggesting this entree, but from the sound of it I wish I had one more day in Disneyland to taste it.

10. Hungry Bear Restaurant - located in Critter Country
This restaurant has great BBQ + pie. It also tends to be less crowded, which is always a plus in my book. Although no regular fries are served, the sweet potato fries are a great substitute and better for you! Don’t forget to try the lemon cupcake that tastes like lemon meringue!

photo 4

This guide is purely Disneyland so there are a few things below I hope to try the next time I am at California Adventure:

1. Churro Bites (Cozy Cone Motel)
Ramone’s Pear of Dice Soda (Cozy Cone Motel)
3. Rose Petal Soda (Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge)
4. Quake Shake (Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory)
5. Burger (Taste Pilot’s Grill)

What are you favorite things to eat at Disneyland?

  • http://alexsteelephotography.com Alex

    Learned so many good new things to try! I haven’t had the beignets somehow, so I definitely need to up my game next trip to Disneyland.

    BUT you missed one of my favorite things: their PICKLES! You can get them at a few places around the park, I know for sure they have them over by A Bug’s Life in CA Adventure but my favorite place to get them is kind of next to Star Tours. They’re seriously my favorite. Some of the best pickles I’ve had outside of Chicago.

    My top three: Dole Whips, churros, pickles (we are the same on 2 for 3, who’s surprised). Love this post. Such a good idea because you always get hungry at Disney!

    • Emi

      oh I did forget the pickles! I heard if you ask a pickle vendor how their day is they will give you a free pickle! I didn’t have the opportunity to test out this hack since lines were crazy but I do hope to check it out next time. Thanks for the great reminder!