Road Trip Essentials

tonight’s date night will be a 7 hour road trip to palm springs. and the best way to have a successful road trip is to prepare!

here are some of my road trip must haves:


1. as much as road trips are for rolling the windows down and blasting music, that can only happen for so long. and sometimes your travel buddy does not want to hear your podcast talking about bravo shows for 2 hours (a huge guilty pleasure). b listens to many audio books that i would prefer to be left out of. comfortable headphones are the key to keeping you both sane.

2. snacks, snacks, snacks. everyone knows during a road trip you have to stock up on some good healthy snacks so you don’t have to succomb to whatever is available in the middle of nowhere (mainly mcdonalds. yes, their fries are good but i can’t live off of fries). i usually head over to trader joe’s before our road trips to load up on almonds, granola, fruit (mainly apples and grapes which are easy to eat and store), vegetables (carrots, celery) and chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

3. water! yes, you may have to stop more for bathroom breaks, but it is so important to keep hydrated while you travel. i saw this water bottle on and loved how it was made of glass and available in a variety of colors.  somehow if the bottle is more pleasing to the eye i am likely to drink more of it.

4. this portable phone charger has saved me when traveling. i use my phone for entertainment, maps, camera and calendar a lot more while traveling and am constantly running low on battery. does anyone else have a battery problem with their iphone 5? Anyways this baby is a lifesaver and will charge your phone 7 times before needing a little recharge itself.

5. b and i love beginning our road trip around 8pm and driving through the night. it is great road tripping through the night because then you don’t waste a day traveling and you miss most of the traffic. b is trooper for doing most of the driving during our road trips because i am a liability when behind the wheel after 10pm.  i don’t drink caffeine, but b needs it if we drive through the night. he prefers to dump a 5 hour energy into his mountain dew for an energy kick. you gotta do what you gotta do i guess.

What are your road trip must haves?

Have a great weekend!


  • estherjulee

    i actually wasn’t that impressed by the bkr bottles other than the fact that it’s glass.. and i do prefer drinking out of glass bottles than plastic. the bottle is really pretty but i think i expected more from a bottle that costed 30$. :P for example i thought the silicon part was attached and not a cover. i guess i have a lot of industrial design friends so they’ve been telling me a lot about what works for both form and function.

    i’ve been looking at those headphones. they look so cute.. also have a great trip! :D

    • Ems

      Thanks for letting me know. I was just about to order one. I thought the silicon was attached as well. Now I am on the hunt again for a pretty bottle!