Friday I’m In Love: Carnival Days

Every summer while growing up, I would always make it a tradition to go to the Orange County Fair. I loved looking at all the different exhibits, sizing up the livestock, riding the crazy (and dangerous) rides and eating the delicious deep fried food. After moving to Utah for college and first year of marriage, I continued the tradition by attending Strawberry Days and Utah State Fair . I love the sense of community that is associated with fairs. I love being a kid again. I love the bright lights and people watching.


This date night we are headed (for the first time) to the Santa Clara Country fair with B’s sister, brother in law and their darling baby girl. I can’t wait to see what Santa Clara brings to the “fair” table. I am crossing my fingers for deep fried oreos, live music and hypnotists.

I just read this article about the best fairs in the country. Part of me would love to attend them all in one summer and then the other part of me thinks that may be overkill.  Maybe we could visit a new one on the list each Summer? Texas, obviously, would be my first destination since there in no doubt in my mind that the Texans know how to put on a heck of a fair.

Have you been to your county or state fair this year? If so, what was your favorite thing to do or eat there?