Family Matters

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Family is a funny thing sometimes. I grew up with three sisters and am number three of four. I have always really loved my sisters but, felt like we were all so incredibly different while we were growing up. We even look incredibly different.
My two older sisters and little sister are all extremely intelligent and musically gifted. I, on the other hand, got by in school (above average, but no where near my sisters’ level) and cared more about my social life. In high school, I lived for my friends. Every second of every day was devoted to those friends of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I would hang with my family when necessary but, never made it a true priority. And now looking back, I completely regret it. I still love my friends but, families are forever.
Now we are to that point where age doesn’t matter and we all enjoy similar things. Sure we each have our quirks, but we all love being together. Living away has made me realize how important my family is to me. I long for the days when we are all together. Each of my sisters now live in another city and I probably see them 3-4 times a year (in a good year).
B and I always talk about how when we do decide to start our family, our one desire would be to raise our children by family. I would kill to live near my sisters right now and see their little ones every day. I would kill to have girls nights with my mom and sisters. I would kill to have family dinners on Sundays.
All I can do is count down the days till we are reunited in Palm Springs (only one more week!).


I can’t forget the wonderful family I married into. They are what made me think about how much I would love to have family surrounding me. My two brothers in law and a cousin in law came to visit us this weekend. It meant the world to me that they would drive 12 hours each way to spend a weekend with us. We soaked up every minute we had with them and laughed until we cried more than once. I could tell B was in heaven being around his brothers again. My heart is full being around my family.  We are so blessed to have family that takes time and money to see us..
B’s sister is even coming out this weekend with her little family to visit us. It will be another great family filled weekend. I wish it would last forever.

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For now I will savor every moment we have as a couple on an adventure making a name for ourselves like we always wanted to do.

Oh and those beautiful family pictures up there were done over Christmas by my amazing bff and talented photographer, Alex Steele. Aren’t the colors of the photos incredible? If you are a Chicago dweller, you must look her up.

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  • Emily

    I completely agree! Being away from family really puts it into perspective. I always say when I move it will be to be closer to family too. I know my sister & her husband feel the same way. Family is the best & will always be there for you. Great post, also love all the pics!!

    • Ems

      Ya, the problem with my family is since we are all in different states I have no idea when we will all live close again. We would have to follow just one sister haha. Hopefully someday we can make it happen!

  • Marta

    Love this! Those pics of your family are so cute!

    • Ems

      Aww thanks, Marta! We miss you guys xx

  • Alex

    AH I love this post. So happy to see these photos again. Let’s make it a new tradition to do photos every year! At least of you and Ben ;)

    • Ems

      Yes, we should! I would love that. Part of me wants to get dressed up in our wedding attire and do another round of photos.