Guide to Nashville: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

so i know you may be sick of hearing about nashville but i only have two more posts. i swear.
and technically this ice cream gem i am about to share with you was founded in columbus, ohio.  so we’re good?

jeni’s splendid ice cream is just that. it is splendid. the flavors are unparalleled and i love the consistency. we went here on a whim in east nashville because the shop itself looked so darling. then they said there was no limit on tasting so i tried almost every single flavor. and let me tell you, it was so hard to decide on just two in my cone! there were so many fun holiday flavors like sweet potato with torched marshmallows, buttercup pumpkin, and middle west whisky egg nog.  then there were their signature flavors like salty carmel, savannah buttermint, sweet cream biscuits with peach jam and goat cheese with red cherries. yes i tried all these flavors and more. and yes i loved every singly one of them. jeni’s is that delicious.
and now to the good part, jeni’s splendid ice cream has shops available in charleston, atlanta, nashville, new york city, chicago and columbus. but wait it gets better, many whole foods and specialty markets sell jenny’s ice cream by the pint. i just went to their website and found out that about 10 grocery shops fairly close to me sell jeni’s. it is a miracle! i plan on picking up a pint tomorrow night & will let you know how the selection is.


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oh & since i was there for forever sampling, i got to talking to the sales associate and she mentioned that a jeni’s shop will be coming to la! hope the next stop on their list is silicon valley. i am crossing my fingers.

have a great weekend ya’ll!
yes, ya’ll.



  • Emily Attwood

    My sister has been dying to go here! She is obsessed with Jeni’s. She has her ice cream book & we’ve tried several of her recipes. It looks so cute!

    • Emily

      there is a cook book? oh my goodness i need to get my hands on that! which recipes were your favorite?

  • Laura Tate

    I love this post about Jeni’s ice cream! Just reading the flavors had my mouth watering!
    You are motivating me to find a whole foods nearby to buy a pint of Jeni’s ice cream and I am
    a HUGE Bluebell fan!!

    • Emily

      Me too! It is a little different than Bluebell but still great. Try it and tell me what you think!