Franklin, Tennessee

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i had heard franklin was a darling town about 20 minutes outside of nashville that was not to be missed. it is where most of the country singers choose to reside. and i can completely see why. main street was lined with beautiful brick buildings on either side. there are a variety of boutiques  to browse and a good number of restaurants. b and i loved wandering the streets and browsing the home decor shops.  i think i fell more and more in love with this town with every step down main street.
the main street area reminded me a little of palo alto but definitely more southern and old fashioned. with all the vintage shops around it almost felt like we had traveled back in time. you could feel the slower pace mentality of those around us and everyone was extremely friendly.  boy, was it beautiful.

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i think there was a beautiful brick church on every block. it made my heart so happy. we also went to the factory at franklin , which is a couple miles before you hit downtown. the factory had a great selection of antiques. i loved perusing the shops and dreaming about what furniture we would fill our home with if we lived in franklin. i have never seen such a grand selection.

oh and besides the country singers, guess who else  lives in franklin. dave ramsey!
dave ramsey is a financial advisor that hosts his own radio show and has written countless books. b listens to him religiously.  dave ramsey is to b as lisa vanderpump (real housewives of beverly hills) is to me. it was incredibly exciting to even think about seeing him in person.

dave hosts his show throughout the week at his office in franklin. we were hoping to catch a show but, unfortunately good old dave was out of town. and b was very bummed. but we decided to make the best of it and still go to his office for a free cookie (best cookies of my life — thanks martha!) and see what it would have been like to watch him live. we ended up running into the director of the video portion of the show and he offered b a tour of the studio. b got to sit in dave’s chair and press the button dave uses to hang up on people! he was on cloud 9. we learned some secrets of the show and couldn’t be more thankful for the lovely director who was so friendly to notice us gazing through the window. it was definitely one of the highlights of b’s trip. he even claimed it may have been better than seeing dave in person because he sat in dave’s seat and for a second felt like dave ramsey.


i was so happy b was so happy. b then insisted we search for dave’s house. we found it on google but it looked like it was located in a gated community. we were a little apprehensive about driving all the way there if we would just be turned away but trekked on. and to our luck, the gate was open due to contruction! we were able to enter the stunning community and lust after each and every home. dave lives next door to leann rimes so you can imagine how beautiful every home was (and realtively affordable when you think of the cost of the homes in the bay area). below is dave’s home located on the highest hill overlooking all of franklin.

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franklin was so lovely and i am so glad we made the trip out there. i think if we were to really move to nashville, that is the town we would hope to live in. it would be a hard decision because i really really love nashville too but the family oriented living in franklin is so enticing.
until next time, franklin!

  • Emily Attwood

    Looks like a great time to me! Putting this on my list too.

    • Emily

      it is beautiful. if you make it out to nashville again don’t miss franklin!

  • esther julee

    i need to make it out here soon! we stopped into nashville once.. but only for a quick bite to eat on a road trip. i definitely miss the south and how friendly everyone is. :)

    • Emily

      yes, head out to nashville the next time you are out south. i completely fell in love with the city and the people. there is something so endearing about southern cities.

  • Olia Majd

    looks amazing! Please stop by my blog, hope you’ll follow along!

  • Sienna

    It looks so lovely! Lucky you maybe moving to Nashville!

    • Emily

      it was so beautiful. we won’t be moving to nashville any time soon but it would be fun! it is just a day dream for now. thanks for stopping by! xx