Guide to East Bay: Golden Gate Fields

on saturday, b and i decided to venture up north to spend the day exploring berkley and attend the golden gate fields horse races. b and i had never been to any sort of horse race before so we were quite excited and intrigued to see how we would fare.



golden gate fields is located fairly close to the downtown area of berkley. it is right on the water with some gorgeous views of the bay. the first race began at 1:45pm and we arrived just in time to catch a glimpse of the horses and make our bets. my strategy was based purely on the name and attractiveness of the horse. with names like majestic moment and over achiever why wouldn’t you pick them?
let me tell you a secret… never base it on those two attributes alone.. you will not win. sadly.

b decided to focus on probabilities and how rambunctious the horse was. if the horse was going against their trainers’ orders he knew it would be a good pick.  this strategy helped him win three races in a row. i couldn’t believe it.
one time his horse was clearly in third place but at the last second snuck ahead of the other two competitors and took the title by a nose. a nose! my horse’s nose!









can you believe that? we did come out on top with no help of me of course.

it was a lovely  afternoon and a great learning experience. i would love to go again with a big group and dress in our southern best. b on the other hand has vowed we can never go again because he needs to keep his perfect score. we will see…

golden gate fields is expansive and not that many people were there for it being the second racing weekend of the season. but not to worry that only meant better seats for us.
sadly, i did not see extravagant hats. guess that means we need to head to kentucky  for the real horse racing experience! b is sure to keep his winning streak there.

admission is $5/person with $5 for parking.
or you can go on a sunday and pay $1/person with $1/parking. sounds like a pretty great deal to me!

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  • Emily

    This looks so fun. I love going to horse races! I’ve only ever been in Kentucky but, the view here is gorgeous.

  • estherjulee

    this looks like so much fun!! i’ve always wanted to go to the kentucky derby and wear one of those big hats and go all out! :)

    • Ems

      i know me too! it is on my wanderlust bucket list.

  • Elizabeth

    Cute outfit! That seems to have been a fun outing!

    • Ems

      Thanks, Elizabeth. It was a great activity. Maybe one day I will be able to attend the Kentucky derby!