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Penny Ice Creamery

So you know how everyone used to be obsessed with cupcake shops and now the obsession has moved to macaron shops? Well although I do enjoy those sweet treats, my favorite shop to scour the streets and internet for is homemade icecream. My sweet tooth loves nothing more than unique flavors and waffle cones (homemade of course). And guess what I found while in the Santa Cruz area? The Penny Ice Creamery!

  photo 1-3 photo 2-2

It was amazing!! Like died and gone to heaven amazing. I tried almost every flavor because with a menu that diverse how are you really supposed to settle on just one? My top three were salted butter toffee, honey yogurt walnut jam and peaches n’ cream (in the end I went with salted butter toffee). Another plus, the flavors change daily! I would probably at lease peruse the menu everyday if I lived in the area. I have to do my due diligence, right?

photo 5

Yes, this was my second dessert in 3 hours and yes it was completely worth it. B said, “This must be your favorite day having two chart topping desserts in one afternoon”. Yes B, it was a great day.

photo 4I saw this house on our walk to The Penny Ice Creamery and had to snap a photo. I really love all homes with ivy growing lusciously on the exterior. I dream of having an ivy covered home someday.

What are your favorite flavors of ice cream and where can I get it? Please do tell!



Strawberry Picking in Davenport

This weekend B and I headed to Davenport to go strawberry picking. We were excited to spend the first day of Summer at a beach town soaking up the sun. Little did we know it would be insanely windy, overcast and 60 degrees (really makes me miss my Southern California beaches) but some great memories were made nonetheless!

Davenport is a small town about 12 miles north of Santa Cruz. It is known for Whale City Bakery and Swanton Berry Farm. It also has some beautiful cliff side beaches — do stop at Shark Fin Cove (also known as Shark Tooth Beach) for some gorgeous views of the whole coast. It was a little too foggy when we went to show the views I am talking about but trust me, don’t miss it! Shark Fin Cove is located 1 mile south of Davenport Beach.

First stop, Swanton Berry Farm. Swanton Berry Farm is a quaint farm where you are able to pick strawberries from their luscious fields and purchase their homemade pies, cobblers, scones and jams yummmmmm.

I grew up with strawberries growing in my backyard so being here in these fields really brought me back. It was fun to walk up and down searching for the best of the best. Swanton Berry Farm provides a box that you fill to your hearts content and then pay by the pound. I plan to eat our strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar (have you ever tried doing that? I know it sounds crazy but it is scrumptious).

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There is a shop located in the back of the farm where they sell the baked goods and fresh jam (it is also where you pay for your strawberries). When you first step inside, you feel like your transported back in time. I almost felt like I was at my grandfathers house with all the vintage knick knacks decorating the place. It was quite charming. They even have you pay for your goods by way of “The Honor Till”, which means putting your money in their open cash register (aka CASH ONLY + no tax).

afterlight-8 afterlight-7IMG_20140621_122244  Do not leave this little gem without getting some type of jam or baked good. Everything there is so delicious and fresh! I opted for the Olallieberry cobbler (topped with homemade whip cream — the only kind of whip cream worth eating). It was amazing and not too sweet. IMG_20140621_122341IMG_20140621_122532IMG_20140621_122854  IMG_20140621_123149B had fun taking pics of all the fun vintage trinkets (including this camera). How cute is that little pitcher? I wish it was for sale!

All in all, it was a great day in the strawberry fields.

How did you celebrate the new season?


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