St. Patty’s Party

i love planning events. i think it is safe to say it is one of my passions.
i love the logistical side as well as the creative side. i love bringing people together and making memories. i love celebrating the little monuments / holidays in life.

and because of my love for all things events,  i have searched high and low for the best local party shops to buy supplies from. i think it is important to look past the big chains (like party city and walmart) and find unique stores that offer a different variety of products.
and after much searching,  i finally found my dream party land!
it is called diddams amazing party store and they are located throughout the bay area.
diddams has endless options and unique products. i literally find everything i need in one stop (including candy, costumes and decor) .
another bonus? you are supporting the community by shopping local. i would say party city purchases 99% of their products internationally but not diddams. diddams purchases a majority of their product right here in the bay area.
i peruse diddams frequently to find inspiration for my future gatherings. their holiday decor is expansive and that is when i realized i really could be celebrating more than i already do!

one of those holidays that i do not celebrate annually but think i should is st. patrick’s day.
st. patrick’s day events can border on too cheesy or too boozy.  i wanted to create an event that brings a chic yet whimsical take on the irish holiday. and so a green tablescape and rainbow floating centerpiece was born…

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Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

did i mention every single product (besides tape) was bought at diddams? diddams saved me so much time running around that i was actually able to spend more time on the decor of my event.

are you ready for another bonus?? diddams is offering all vivre blog readers 10% off their entire st. patrick’s day purchase. head to their website now to print out your coupon today!

what are you favorite forgotten holidays to celebrate?


this post was sponsored by diddams amazing party store.
all thoughts, all opinions are my own. i actually sought them out for a collaboration since they are my favorite party store in the bay area!

  • emi

    okay what? this is the cutest thing in the world! i love and i want to come over next party :)


    • Emily

      uhm i would love it if you came to my next party! that would be so much fun! xx

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