Baby Shower Favors

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this weekend, i , along with a couple of friends, threw a baby shower for a dear mother to be. she will be having a little girl in two weeks and i couldn’t be more thrilled for her. i took on the task of party favors. i thought a lot about the perfect favor, researched heavily and spoke with friends.
and after much deliberation, i decided on popcorn treats.  it was relatively quick & easy to put together and the result was both delicious and darling.

what you’ll need:
popcorn kernels
ghiradelli melting white chocolate
food coloring
bags (from michael’s in their holiday section)
mini clothespins (from michael’s)

1. air pop your popcorn kernels (i am not a fan of microwavable popcorn so i insist you air pop)
2. spread the popcorn on cookie sheets.
3. melt the white chocolate for thirty seconds. stir. repeat till chocolate is smooth.
4. add a couple drops of red food coloring to the white chocolate (i did this so popcorn looked pink in honor of baby girl)
5. pour chocolate over popcorn and use your hands to make sure popcorn is coated.
6. cover with sprinkles.


* always use melting chocolate. chocolate chips don’t usually give the right consistency.
* better to have more chocolate than skimp on it!
* put together the bags the day of the event so popcorn is crisp.
*make sure your bags are completely sealed so sprinkles don’t fall out of them (learned this the hard way).


what are your favorite baby shower party favors?

  • Shae

    Super cute! I’m making popcorn this weekend for a Valentine’s Day party, so I’ll have to remember this recipe!

    S. Roderick

    • Emily

      it would be perfect for a valentines party! it was very easy and everyone loved it. you will have to let me know what you think if you end up doing it! xx