one of my biggest joys in life is creating events that bring people together and make lasting memories. i love the preparation details just as much as the day of festivities. i love letting my imagination run wild as i decide on a theme. i love the feeling i get after the end of an event. it is a high for me. is that weird? i do not understand a runner’s high but a party planning high? oh i get it!

with the seasons changing and the warm weather happening more frequently, i thought it was the perfect time to put together an event in my backyard. as i thought about what kind of backyard event i wanted, all that kept coming back to me is flowers. lots of flowers and greenery. thus the french garden party was born.

i may get a little crazy when it comes to events. i want everything perfect and a little over the top but in the best possible way. in order to centralize my thinking and keep my mind from wandering, i always put together a mood board of how i want the event to look / feel. i think it is the best first step when throwing any type of gathering.

Blogger-Event-Collaboration (1)


i wanted bright colors, flowers, naked cakes, gold accents and a white base. i wanted the works.

be sure to check back tomorrow for a peak at the end result!