To My Father

I can’t help but recognize my dad on this special day.   IMG_3652

This is the man that coached almost all of my soccer teams when I was little.
He is responsible for my flat feet and double-jointed fingers & elbows
He taught me to laugh at the challenges in life and always be true to myself.
My dad decided to serve a two year LDS mission at the age of 19 when his family was not active in the church and his father nor older brother ever served a mission.
He was on the waiting list for Harvard Undergrad.
He is the smartest man and the most eloquent speaker I know.
He is the man I wanted my husband to be like (I am so lucky B has some of his qualities!).
He should be a professional dancer and charades player.
He loves my mom unconditionally and that’s the best thing he can do as a father of four daughters.






Here’s to all the father’s out there! You are adored beyond words.