last week was a hard week. it felt like there was a death in the family. you know why?
parenthood aired its’ final episode.
please insert sobbing emoji here.
parenthood is one of my favorite series of all time. yes, all time.
the series revolves around a tight knit family– the bravermans.


the bravermans are a large family with every day problems, mishaps and special events. they are a family that doesn’t always see eye to eye but there is love in everything they do. there is every different personality imaginable within the family which means you can connect with at least one character on a deeper level. i can say i connected with every single character.

parenthood is very real and does not sugar coat or make light of every day problems. it shows the struggles of these characters as if they were your own. b always said he didn’t like the show because it was “too real” and he uses tv to escape reality but, i loved it. i connected to the cast. i learned that life is not perfect and there will be many challenges. there will be many moments of heartache but also many many moments of glee. it felt as if i was with my own family every thursday night for one hour. and it may seem silly but i cherished every episode of parenthood. i never was half watching while looking at my phone. my attention was with the braverman family. i cried and laughed almost every single episode.

another reason why i love this series so much is the emphasis they put on the family. no matter what happened in the braverman’s lives, they always were there for each other. they respected each other, they cried with each other and they danced with each other. they had their money challenges but money never seemed to be a big factor in their every day life. all they cared about was family .

i am completely inspired by the mothers on this show. all for different reasons. they each showed that motherhood is no walk in the park but it is the greatest gift of all.
thank you christina for inspiring me to always do what i am passionate about and to one day be my child’s #1 advocate.
thank you julia for showing it is okay to be a working mom– it doesn’t mean you love your kids any less. it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t fight for them any less. (julia was always so honest with her kids and i respected her a lot.)
thank you jasmine for showing how important it is to play with your kids.
thank you sarah for showing the importance of being a friend to your kids.
and thank you camille for showing that you must have your own hobbies as a mother. you must have time to yourself.
you five women have inspired me beyond belief.  parenthood is the only show on earth that makes me want to be mother and have a large family. it is the only show that completely stole my heart.



parenthood, i promise to stay forever young.


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  • stephanie court

    So sad to see this show go! It’s definitely one of my faves. I’m heartbroken, much like I was when Friday Night Lights ended. :(

    • Emily

      I know I still miss Friday Night Lights. Didn’t you love seeing FNL’s Jason on the finale of Parenthood? Love how they share a few of the same actors.

      • stephanie court

        Yes! It was a little FNL reunion moment. :)

  • esther julee

    we are binge watching gilmore girls.. and i feel like maybe afterwards we should start watching parenthood!

    • Emily

      i am currently on season 4 of gilmore girls and i love reliving it all over again. especially the jess and rory saga. yes you need to watch parenthood! it is very different than gilmore girls. lauren graham is very different in it but it is the same writers as friday night lights (another must see series if you have not)!