Silicon Valley Hot Spot – Sushirrito

sushi + burrito form = sushirrito.
it is the best concoction and now my favorite form of a burrito.
and i know you may be thinking well actually this idea was invented a long time ago by the japanese. it is called a hand roll, duh emily. although i do think this is a valid point, sushirrito is extremely different than your typical hand roll because of the mix of ingredients.
sushirittio adds hints of latin flavor to each burrito whether it be through guacamole or different spices.


my personal favorite?
geisha’s kiss. it has  tuna, tamago, piquillo peppers, yuzu tobiko, lotus chips, namasu cucumber, butter lettuce & guacamole.
see what i mean? definitely not your typical sushi entree.


not a raw fish consumer but still like the idea?
try the sumo crunch or salmon samba.
the sumo crunch has shrimp tempura + imitation crab while the salmon samba includes cooked salmon + asparagus tempura. seriously everything on the menu is quite tasty so you can’t go wrong.

one more tip, order to go so you can add your own soy sauce. sushirrito does not offer soy sauce and charges a hefty price for any additional sauce. that is its’ one flaw. they don’t do well with customizing orders. the soy sauce on the sumo crunch burrito really completes it. trust me.

since i work on university ave in palo alto i can honestly say that i have tried most every restaurant in the area and sushirrito definitely makes my top 5 list.

what are you favorite palo alto restaurants?