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Valentine’s Day Inspired Bar Cart

remember when i bought a bar cart?

well it was a couple weeks ago and i have been searching ever since for some good accessories to style it up with. i have not found my dream accessories for a steal of a deal but i decided to heck with it. i need to work with what i got and style my bar cart to the nines for valentine’s day.
i literally just put the finishing touches on it last weekend (and valentine’s day is this weekend so i may have procrastinated a little) and  i really do love the look.

FullSizeRender (3)

i don’t drink alcohol so it may seem a little odd to have a bar cart without the bar but i think it is a fun little corner in our living room where we can host as we see fit, which includes lemonade, chocolates and cookies.

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DIY Christmas Clementine Wreath

i may have the biggest sweet tooth on this planet. i need something sweet after every meal in order to feel satisfied. i blame this trait on my mom and she blames it on her dad so at least i know i am in good company.
but even i can get a little overwhelmed with all the treats to be eaten this holiday season.

so when i was thinking of a treat to give my neighbors/friends i wanted to look past the traditional sugar cookies, fudge, peppermint bark etc. (even though those are all good options and i honestly love when we have neighbors / friends kind enough to gift them to us) and opt for something festive but out of the box and a little less sugar.

i found this clementine wreath tutorial last season and knew it was perfect way to spread christmas cheer this season.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetyou will need:

– a box of clementines (i got mine from trader joe’s for about $3)
– bakers twine (found in the baking section of michaels)
– roll of cellophane (available at dollar store or michaels)
– blank tags
– washi tape (found mine at michaels)

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you should start by cutting strips of cellophane that are wide enough to wrap your clementines. always error on the wider side and it should turn out fine. don’t feel the need to shorten the length of the cellophane because that can be done at the very end (we made the mistake of shortening it because we were using less clementines than the original tutorial and it was a mistake).

i used 6 or seven oranges for each wreath but you can use more if you would like. i think 6 is the least amount you should use because any smaller and it may not have the nice wreath shape.  line the clementines up a couple inches apart (the distance does not matter too much so just eyeball it).

then wrap the cellophane into a tube with clementines inside and secure the tube with clear tape. now, tie a piece of twine in a bow between each clementine.  your almost there….

to finish tie the two ends together to make a wreath. ta-da!
you now have a clementine wreath to give to your friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, acquaintances, santa, frenemies, etc.
…and it is a lot less work than baking, which means there is still time to make these wreaths and deliver them before christmas!

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i attached a tag that i decorated with washi tape at the bottom.

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i loved how the wreaths turned out and received many compliments when delivering them. i think we have a new tradition in our home!

what are you favorite goodies to give to those you love?

Anthropology Inspired DIY Holiday Wreath

now i don’t mean to jump the gun on christmas. i am a firm believer in holding off till after thanksgiving to give thanksgiving its’ time to shine but i had to share this fun diy anthropologie inspired wreath that is perfect for the holidays.

i have been lusting after this anthropologie wreath for years.
yes, years. i actually pinned this wreath two years ago.
i have been on the hunt for a similar wreath (because this is my most favorite wreath i have ever seen) for a more budget friendly price for two years. wow.
then i finally decided i just had to make it.


and although it may not be exactly the same. i think it is pretty darn close and it kept my wallet (and my husband) happy. total cost of this wreath was about $20.

what you will need:
1 styrofoam wreath from michaels*
lots of thick, fluffy white / cream yarn
hot glue gun + glue
red and white striped ribbon for the bow (or any pattern + color you prefer)

*i have also used dollar store wooden wreaths as a base for homemade wreaths in the past but was at michaels and a styrofoam (over by the floral department usually) wreath did the trick. either will work great.

i started off by wrapping the wreath with the yarn so you did not see the styrofoam. then came the time consuming part — making 30 pom poms. i made them all by hand using this tutorial and decided i would need about 3 different sizes to fill in the wreath.
side note… i just found out there are actual machines you can buy to make pom poms and they look relatively affordable so i think i may have to invest.

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so grab a comfy seat and put on your favorite show (mine being gilmore girls) because making 30 poms poms could take 2-3 episodes depending upon how diligent you are. i tend to get a little distracted by lorelai’s one liners.
and see that roll of yarn up there? i liked that kind the best because it was easy to make the pom poms look fully like cotton balls or sheep skin.

after the pom pom creation, i placed them around the wreath and started gluing with my hot glue gun. once everything was firmly glued, i tied a bow and glued that onto my wreath as well.

once completely dry, hang your wreath. unless your door is made of metal like mine (just figured that out and so we need to get something besides a typical nail to hang — any suggestions?). who makes a metal door anyway?

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oh and while you are enjoying watching gilmore girls and creating pom poms don’t forget to indulge yourself with some warm hot chocolate! this is hello kitty pink hot chocolate. it is not very rich but satisfies my sweet tooth and my girly need for everything to be cute.