Tuesday in Trader Joe’s : Dunkers & Caramels

we got back from thailand late sunday evening and i am still exhausted.
who knew jet lag could hit this hard?
and as much as i wanted to sleep the day away on monday, i had to work and then by the time i got off work i had to go grocery shopping since our kitchen was completely barren. then after all was said and done i was completely wired last night and could not fall asleep.
i was still up at midnight so i knew i had to take something if i was going to get any rest before work the next morning. thank heavens for ambien. but i really hate ambien at the same time. it feels like i am on something the whole next day and it does not feel good.

anyways, please excuse my pity party. after work i was actually excited to head to tj’s and grab some fresh vegetables after a week of eating out. while i was perusing tj’s, i was reminded of some more of my favorite sweet tj treats.

first up, dunkers!
let me preface by saying i don’t dip oreos, chocolate chip cookies or graham crackers in milk. that is just not how i roll. i prefer crunchy to soggy.
but tj’s dunkers are a whole different story.
dunkers are shaped long and skinny so it is easy to dunk in any glass, the chocolate chip cookie is extra crispy so even when you dunk you still get a crisp bite every time and the bottom of the cookie is coated with milk chocolate. need i say more?

unnamed (4)


i totally thought these sea salt caramels were a holiday item so it was a nice surprise to find them on a shelf yesterday. the dark chocolate and sea salt caramel combo is money. both the chocolate and caramel are such high quality that the combo is even more delicious. i also love how big the sea salt chunks are that top the chocolates. it really brings out the flavor.
i have actually bought these caramels for a housewarming gift and the hostess couldn’t stop thanking me!

what are some of your favorite tj treats?

  • http://www.enjoytotheendblog.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    I’m pretty sure I should never, ever go to Trader Joes.

    • http://www.vivreblog.com Emily

      or you should go every day haha

  • Shauna K

    I seriously love those dunkers so much, I can’t even buy them because I eat too many at once!

    PS- love those pink shoes! Adorable!

    • http://www.vivreblog.com Emily

      agreed. i eat way too many in one sitting.
      thanks for stopping by! the shoes are from nordstrom. xx