can i let you in on a little secret?
b and i are headed to the airport this evening to spend 10 days in thailand.
i couldn’t be more excited. i have been wanting to visit thailand for many years and it is finally happening! we plan to hit up three different cities and explore everything that thailand has to offer.



so basically i will be mia next week.
i want to soak in this wonderful country and spend time with my husband. it will be my and b’s first time to asia. let the adventure begin!

  • Emily Attwood

    So so jealous Em!! Take me with you. I am dying to get back to Thailand <3. What a dream!

    • Emily

      do you have any must sees / must eats? what is one or two things i should not miss?

      • Emily Attwood

        We stayed in Khao Lak which is in the north part of Phuket. I am not sure about must eats because everything is so good! Go to the night market though, eat street food and shop there! You have to ride elephants and go on a boat ride. We went to James Bond Island but if we had more time we would have gone to Pi Pi island for snorkeling. I recommend doing that it’s supposed to be gorgeous!

        • Emily

          Thanks for the tips. We will be staying on phi phi or a couple days so good hear it is so beautiful and good for snorkeling!

  • Shae

    This sounds like my dream vacation! I’m dying to go to Thailand. I’m sure you’ll both have an amazing time, and I can’t wait to read about it!

    Shae at

    • Emily

      I know I honestly can’t wait. I will definitely give you the full report!

  • emi

    i can’t WAIT to see these recaps!!!!!


  • Yvonne – The Tourist Of Life

    Great! Have a good time in Thailand! Love the photo