weekend recap

life has been busy with visitors around here!
two weekends ago b’s sister and her sweet family visited us and this past weekend my sister and her darling daughter came for a visit.
we have been feeling the love this month and will treasure these special memories for many years to come.

b’s sister and my sister both have daughters around the same age so i knew we would want a low key weekend with lots of kid friendly activities — not to mention b’s sister and my sister are pregnant and due within a few months of each other. can you believe that? can’t wait to smother some more nieces and nephews in the coming months!

so after much planning, here is what a weekend with a couple pregnant ladies and toddlers looks like. basically lots of playing outside.

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my little niece has me wrapped around her finger.
i have this connection with her that i have never felt with a child before. she calls my name at all hours to know that i am close and we giggle until we can’t giggle anymore. her little hugs and “thank you auntie emi” melt my heart completely.
children are such a blessing. they make you remember how amazing this world really is and that ice cream can cure anything.

check back tomorrow for a full list of kid friendly activities in the bay area!

ps hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend.
memorial weekend, why did you have to end?