october recap

how was halloween two weeks ago? i think i say this every post but time is just rushing by me as i am running to catch up.
this halloween was a mellow one. we went to a party the weekend before and then passed out candy to our cute neighbors on the day of. we also may or may not have binge watched walking dead (got sucked back into that show after missing 1.5 seasons).

as i mentioned previously, b recently took a trip to india for work. while in india, he picked up a few souvenirs since i am obsessed with all things indian. there is something about their vibrant culture that intrigues me. b knowing this, picked up a saari for me. a perfectly pink saari that made me feel like royalty. this feeling is what inspired me with our halloween costumes this year.
can you guess what we went as?

presenting queen mahal and her taj.

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the taj mahal was made for queen mahal by her husband. and i do think we represented them both quite nicely. what do you think?
few people got that i was queen mahal but usually recognized the taj fairly quickly.

what were some of your favorite costumes you saw this year?

until we meet again, halloween.
next year i promise to decorate the exterior of my house as much as the interior.

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