Four Things To Do On The Fourth

1. Get your hands on some sparklers (which may be hard to come by in CA) and have your own firework show!

2. Host a BBQ or eat BBQ style food
fourth bbq

3. Enjoy a local parade
4th parade

4.Remember what living in America means to you
american flag

B and I are headed a couple hours south to Pismo Beach tonight and I am very excited but a little nervous! Did I tell you? B convinced me to go camping. I have always detested camping, but the places I have traveled to in the past have been less than stellar so it’s time to give it another go. Technically you could consider our situation “glamping” since we will be posted at a local farm/ranch where they provide complimentary coffee/tea, hot showers, air mattresses, ocean views and a fire pit! I think B is trying to warm me up for many more camping experiences…


 Have a great Fourth ya’ll and God Bless America!

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  • Emily

    Love these ideas! I am def eating BBQ (yum!) I am not a big camper either but I was shocked how easy it was at Bonnaroo. I think you’ll have a blast! That sounds like a great set-up.

    • Ems

      Thanks Emily! I hope you are right about camping haha. Have a great fourth!

  • estherjulee

    hot showers make all the difference in my opinion!! it’s so hard for me to go camping when i don’t feel clean. hope you enjoy this trip though! :)