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Shhhh Vegas Hotel Secrets


To keep with the Vegas theme this week, I wanted to share a secret I learned while booking hotels in Vegas. Once a travel location has been selected,  I scour Expedia, Hotwire, Hotel Websites, Hotels.com, etc. for the best hotels with the best price.  For Vegas, I also decided to check out Bookit.com. It is a lesser known site but occasionally offers some great deals ( this is the site we used to book our Honeymoon — but I do feel like they specialize more in island type destinations). As I was going through the endless pages of listings, most hotel prices seemed to match Expedia and Hotels.com but then something interesting came up!

A listing read, “5-Star Mystery All-Suite Hotel + Spa“. Oh the secrecy! What could this be? Not to mention the price was far lower than the other 5 star hotels I looked at. I did a quick search and found out most of the time this listing was for either the Trump Hotel or Wynn + Encore. However, this specific listing mentioned the hotel was located a couple blocks off of the strip so I just knew it had to be the Trump (or at least I needed it to be the Trump ha). But what if it wasn’t? What if it was miles off of the strip in nomad Nevada? But, Vegas is all about taking risks so why not? “It will be a great story no matter the outcome, ” I told myself and my sleeping husband ( I tend to analyze decisions far too long). I received an email from Bookit.com shortly after booking, stating the mystery hotel is indeed the TRUMP HOTEL. I was very excited but didn’t realize how much I lucked out till we checked in.

The Trump is so swanky and luxurious from the moment you step out of your car and the valet is complimentary. We checked in late Friday night and were upgraded to the 55th floor pent house suite (literally bigger than our apartment). I could have spent weeks there. Vegas was pretty crowded the week we went because of the weather and I guess there was a fight on Saturday, which makes me feel like we scored even more. Hotels were through the roof and we stayed in a Penthouse suite for $130/night (not including resort fees). So go on live a little and take a risk with the mystery hotel!

What sites do you use to find hotel deals?