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Another Year Older and Wiser

as you may already know, my birthday is a double edge sword.
on the flip side, i love everyone else’s birthday. b’s birthday might be my favorite day of the year. i love planning for weeks to make sure his day is extra special. i love the small details of organizing a party with loved ones and friends. i love showering b with extra love so he knows how special he is to me and how grateful i am that he was born. this weekend i now remember where this love of others’ birthdays came from. my darling mother.

this little lady surprised me with homemade ice cream pie and flower balloons the night before my birthday. she hugged me tight and told me how she vividly remembers my day of birth 24 years ago. she made me feel excited for the following day.

the 10th day of august began with eggs and toast cooked with love by my b. the afternoon brought lunch and lounging by the pool. you better believe i basked in the sun on the swan. i came back from the pool to find the hotel room completely decorated with streamers, party hats, flamingo center pieces and straws. my heart was beaming. this is the way birthdays should always be celebrated. completely over the TOP!

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i haven’t spent my birthday with my mom and dad for about 5 years so this was such a treat. yes, b makes an incredible effort to make my birthday special but, there is nothing like a mother to make you feel like the most loved person in the world.

my mom and sister, m, spent 4 hours baking that cake up there. yes, 4 hours!
m lovingly bakes a treat for everyone’s birthday. she called me a couple weeks ago to see what i was lusting after this year. i found a recipe on martha stewart for mississippi mud cake and knew i had to try it. baking a mississippi mud cake is not complex but, is comprised of four layers so it is very time consuming.
she assured me she was up for the challenge.

i have never tasted a better cake. it had everything i have ever wanted.
first layer is oreo cookie crust.
second layer is flourless chocolate cake.
third layer is dark chocolate pudding.
cake is topped with whip cream.

i may have to have this cake every year…

the night ended with everyone going around the room and stating why they loved me. this is a tradition in b’s family and i love how we have extended it to my family. i hope to keep the tradition in our own family someday. it is a great reminder of what other people see in you and that you may not think about.

i think 24 may be the best year yet (crossing my fingers).




 i’m back!

this weekend we traveled south to spend 4 days in palm springs with my wonderful family. i couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend. 24 is looking bright.  be sure to check back later this week for more birthday details and a 36 hour guide to palm springs!

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what did you do this weekend?

oh and sorry there will be no #cityweekly post this week due to my much needed long weekend. we will resume in two weeks!