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okay, i know i promised a city guide to palm springs this week but, i feel like i blinked and the week was already over. my day job has been taking it out of me these past couple of days. don’t you worry though, you will receive a much anticipated city guide next week, i swear.

on a brighter note, tgif.
i know i had a shorter work week but man am i glad it is friday. b and i plan to take it easy. maybe a little exploring berkley here and a farmers market there. i am ready to have b all to myself. the past 3 weekends i have had to share him with all our lovely visitors and i have loved it, but sometimes you just need some alone time. you know?

do you remember when there used to be a segment on abc called tgif? where new episodes of family matters, step by step and boy meets world were premiered? those were the nights. b and i really love tv shows (far more than movies) so we thought why not make our own tgif for this date night?

we air popped some popcorn (the way popcorn should be made in my opinion), threw some kale in the oven for kale chips and settled down into our cozy couch to enjoy some of our favorite tv shows that we are currently obsessed with. this got me thinking. what would we classify as the top 10 best tv series of all time? b and i have been going through tv series since we were dating so we have a good variety to choose from.

when b and i were dating long distance, we used to watch one episode of prison break a week and then talk about it on our skype dates. i loved it. it was almost as good as watching it together.

after much deliberation, we nailed down the top 9 tv series of all time. it was hard to pick a tenth. i wanted to leave it open in case a new mind blowing series were to come along.


what is your favorite tv series? what should b and i dive into next?
we are currently watching the second season of hannibal, which truth be told is a little too dark but b finds it intriguing.

have a lovely weekend!