#cityweekly – Best Pizza in Silicon Valley

#cityweekly is back. my apologies, for the random hiatus. emily and i have both been busy and then my blog was being reconstructed but it is all water on the bridge now. we are back and giving you the best of the best from coast to coast.

i recently read delancey, which is a great story about a recently married couple who opens up a pizza cafe together. the author goes into detail of the research process involved with opening up  a restaurant and how her husband went near and far to sample the best pizza around the country. she also talked about what her husband thinks makes a pizza highly rated. do you think it is the dough or cheese or sauce? he claims the dough. this got me on a pizza kick.

so this week we are talking best pizza in silicon valley and dc. i love pizza however, don’t eat it a lot because of the calories. but sometimes all your body wants is the comfort of fresh dough and melted cheese. sometimes there are days when calories should be thrown to the wayside.

below are my picks for the best pizza in silicon valley. don’t forget to check out emily’s blog for the best pizza in dc!

pizza list

delfina (locations in sf, burlingame and palo alto) – i have eaten delfina at  the burlingame location and palo alto location. both experiences were wonderful. i love this place. i love their menu. i love their staff. i love their decor. and i love their pizza. you can taste the freshness of their cheese and toppings in every bite. i have tried the margherita and prosciutto pie and really loved both for different reasons. i have also tried delfina’s chicken salad nicoise which is a great entree if you are not in the pizza mood. it was incredibly flavorful and filling. i would also recommend ordering an appetizer of burrata. oh my goodness their burrata is to die for and i crave it every day. the bread on the side of burrata is perfectly toasted and delfina soaks it in olive oil before serving. yummmm




blue line pizza (locations in mountain view, campbell, burlingame, san carlos and daly city) – another great pizza shop with multiple locations for all to enjoy! blue line offers both deep dish and thin crust style pizzas but be warned the deep dish takes a little longer to cook. some people claim it is the best deep dish in the bay area though so it may be worth your wait depending on your crust preference. their deep dish is a corn meal crust if that sways you. i really enjoyed the white pie and pesto chicken!

bibo’s (san jose)  – bibo’s is ny quality pizza! the slices are large. crust is crisp and thin so you can fold it in half.  the owner is from new york. what more could you ask for?  bibo’s has also perfected the sauce to cheese ratio to give you maximum flavor. i would recommend checking out bibo’s when you want a simpler pizza with 3 toppings or less. it is a smaller place so i always opt for pick up.

terun pizza (palo alto) – terun creates neapolitan style pizzas just the way i like it. all their toppings are fresh and high quality. i am actually devouring the san daniele pizza as i type this. that is how much i love this place. the prosciutto and large shavings of parmesan cheese covered the whole pizza. i also love the hint of truffle oil i tasted in the crust. terun is the place you go if you want to feel like you are in northern italy again. viva l’italia.



pizzetta 211 (sf) – according to delancey, this is one of the top 3 pizza places in the bay area and i would have to agree! pizzetta offers tasty thin crust pizza with farm to table toppings. they switch up the menu weekly to ensure all the ingredients in the pizza are in season. pizzetta is also very creative with their toppings and offer a variety like I have never seen at most pizza places. farm egg and asparagus on a pizza? yes please.

and of course if you are in the city there is also tony’s, which is the most famous of them all. i have heard amazing things but am sorry to say i have not had the opportunity to go so did not include it in my post. it is on my list though so will let you know what i think when i go!

what do you thinks makes an award winning pizza?
what are you favorite pizza spots in your city?

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  • http://20somethingfashion.blogspot.com/ Emily Attwood

    Yum, all of your places look great. I also need to read that book! Would you suggest it for a book club?

    • http://www.vivreblog.com Emily

      That’s a good question. I think it would be fun for an in person book club because the host could make all the recipes provided in the book. I really enjoyed it but not sure how much literary analysis can be done on it.

  • http://www.estherandjacob.com/ esther julee

    Ooh! I will have to check some of these out next time i’m in the bay area.. :) now that i think about it.. i haven’t really been eating much pizza in vegas.. so i haven’t found any good pizza places.

    • http://www.vivreblog.com Emily

      i am sure there has to be some good pizza places at venetian! let me know which pizzeria you try the next time you are visiting. i would love to hear your review.

  • http://www.shoutingchow.com Hsiao-Ting

    I like Delfina! Their pizza is yummy! We just tried Zero Zero last night in the city and it was pretty good. I want to try Tony’s pizza in SF :)

    • http://www.vivreblog.com Emily

      yes i really need to try tony’s! and thanks for tip about zero zero, i will have to check it out!

  • http://luyoutravel.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth Georgian

    Wow, those pizzas look amazing. I’ll have to get over to that coast and give these a try.

    • http://www.vivreblog.com Emily

      yes, you should! the bay area is a great place to visit too.