let freedom ring!

is anyone else obsessed with facebook memories or google photos rediscover?
both of these features help me remember what has happened on this day last year, two years ago, five years ago, etc. it has made me even more nostalgic than i already am. i am a sucker for reminiscing.

google photos reminded me that three years ago we spent fourth of july in tahoe, two years ago we spent it in pismo beach glamping and last year we celebrated in mexico. where were we this year you ask?


we spent this fourth of july weekend in the great state of montana.
the weekend was filled with family (all of b’s extended family came), guns, bbq, boats, atvs, kick ball, fireworks and mosquito bites.
so american of us, right?

IMG_1685 IMG_1684 IMG_1691 IMG_1693

it was the greatest escape. we flew into idaho falls and then drove two hours to b’s uncle’s ranch which is close to jackson, montana. ever been to jackson? it is a town consisting of one street and a couple businesses. doesn’t get more small town than this!

IMG_1690 IMG_1689

the sky feels a little closer and life is a little simpler. those clouds reminded me of wyoming.

oh and we may have gotten lost on a hike. let’s just say we were off the beaten path and my shoes may or may not have been covered in mud and i may or may not had bug bites all over my legs by the end of the hike. but, it was a memory i will always remember. it was a day with my people.


i am blessed to live in this beautiful country. happy birthday, america!