reading: me before you – i am only through the first couple of chapters and am surprised by the plot of this book. it is very insightful and a quick read. i am loving the character development. have you read it? thoughts? no spoilers please!

craving: this hot chocolate cake. how scrumptious does that look. the only thing holding me back from making this tonight is the fact that it is an estimated 3 hour prep time…don’t know if it would compare to my mississippi mud cake.


watching: is anyone else’s guilty pleasure reality tv? i am loving bachelor in paradise and real housewives of oc this season. i am all the way team michelle money (bip) and shannon beador (oc). you girls are both strong, beautiful and witty. let’s all hang out. oh and morgan from rich kids of beverly hills you come too! you remind me of a modern day gilmore girl. a lunch with those three would be the most entertaining thing of my life.

trying to remember: love this quote. i am an emotional human being. i grew up with 3 sisters. tears come naturally to me but i often time fight them back because it may make me look weak. washington irving describes tears perfectly.


dreaming of: one day being a home owner. i know it won’t be for a while but i can still day dream all i want about white homes with green landscaping and a breakfast nook where we would host brunch.


fashion find: i am all about big floppy hats in the summer but i have never felt confident enough to rock them in the fall or winter. miranda kerr has inspired me to rethink this notion. deciding between this one and this one to purchase. which one do you like better?


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  • Emily

    I love this! That quote is perfect. I am super emotional too and that’s a great reminder! Thanks for sharing.