reading: delancey . so far so good. it is about a recently married couple who decides to open a restaurant together. it is a fun read and easy to get into. i really love learning about the research that goes into opening a restaurant. i enjoy how genuine the author’s words are for such a personal story. she really allows you to see a window into their marriage and their corporate lives. the author also shares original recipes from their home kitchen as well as the delancey restaurant (will let you know once i make something)! oh and another bonus is she references restaurants she adores in new york, seattle and the bay area. i know where i am eating next date night!

craving: the cookie dough cafe. last night, b and i were watching shark tank when these cute sisters came on to feature their idea of edible cookie dough. They had concocted the perfect recipe for eggless cookie dough and marketed the product all over illinois. how amazing is that? it comes in 4 different flavors and encourages you to eat cookie dough by the spoon! since the show, they have expanded to select grocery stores in the south and east coast. when they presented their product, i instantly became a fan. the sharks also thought of the idea to bring cookie dough cafe to sports arenas and hotels. i love cookie dough more than the cooked cookie product. please come to the west coast cookie dough cafe!


trying to remember: this quote. i will be the first to admit, i get down and sometimes feel like i am not pretty enough or skinny enough or have clear enough skin or my hair is awful. society paints an unobtainable picture of beauty. i have to remember to rise above and remember my soul is what should matter.



dreaming of: an adventure somewhere overseas. b and i have been discussing our travel goals for the future and i can’t help but want to do it all right now. i want to see the world. i want to experience new cultures. i want to meet people that change my perspective. i want to have it all.


beauty need: i have decided i would like to go a little blonder. i used to be incredibly blonde while b and i were dating and in the beginning of our marriage. then i had the bright idea to go dark. i thought it could be my destiny. i looked at olivia wilde and thought if she looks better dark what if i do too? granted i am no olivia wilde but i would always wonder if i never tried it. i liked being a brunette okay. i didn’t feel like myself though. since then, i have been slowly lightening to this golden/jennifer aniston color over the past year. every time i tell my hair stylist i want to go lighter she says she will do it but wants to keep the golden undertone with my complexion. sure, whatever you have to do but make me blonde! long story short, it is never that much of a difference and she is charging me an arm and a leg. i need a new hair stylist that specializes in blondes. anyone have any recommendations in the bay area?



thanks for reading!


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  • Emily

    That book sounds like a great read. I might have to pick that up & read it next! Also, edible cookie dough? Yes please! I need that in my life. Love that quote too & so true, I hear you!


    • Ems

      Yes, Delancey is great and makes me want to eat pizza every day. You may have the cookie dough cafe in your area. I know it is available in some east coast markets. You will have to let me know. I am dieing to try it!!

  • Rachel from Rose Tinted Home

    Thanks for the book recommendation! I’m always looking for new novels to escape into. Once the next 2 crazy work weeks are over I hope I can find the time to enjoy Delancey!

    xo Rachel

    • Ems

      Hi Rachel! Delancey is a great read and really speaks to the foodie in me. If you are looking for more books to read, I recently finished Me Before You and it left a lasting impression on me. It was the most amazing book. Hope everything goes well with work! xx

  • Chantel

    Yes to all things cookie dough forever! Also I’m totally with you on wanting to see the world and experience different cultures!

    • Ems

      Hi! I know, cookie dough along with ice cream and nutella may be my biggest sweet craving. I can’t wait till the cookie dough cafe expands all over. What has been your favorite travel destination?
      Thanks for stopping by! xx

  • emma

    girlfriend! loved this post. word on going blonder: just tell your stylist you want straight bleach and a really fine weave. then buy a purple shampoo (i get one from sally’s called silver lights or something) and wash with it once a week. it balances out the yellow, so your blonde will always be looking bright and lovely. finding a good stylist that does not cost a million dollars is so hard!

    • Ems

      thanks for the tip! i will need to look for a purple shampoo. my hair has such issues lately.

  • Kaylyn Weir

    OH my gosh I watch shark tank ALLLL THEEEE TIMMMEE!!! I want to try this. Can you buy online? i’m about to google :)

    • Emily

      Unfortunately, its only available at select grocery stores. Booo. Cookie Dough Cafe only sells wholesale. I am thinking about requesting it at my local grocery store. It needs to be available all across the country!