Let’s Fall for Fall

with labor day behind us, all my mind can think of is the transition into fall. although these 80 degree temps in the bay area are making it hard to believe we are transitioning…thanks indian summer!

growing up in southern california, i never really thought about the seasons. it was usually in the 70s all year round. then i moved to salt lake city for college where i was able to experience the joy of all four seasons. the weather cooling and  leaves changing colors was magical. the first snow fall was dreamy. i remember looking at the sky as the snow was falling and couldn’t believe how picturesque it looked. i still can watch it snow for hours.
I really came to love the variety. i loved the need to have a different wardrobe for all 4 seasons because in southern california you really can dress for summer 90% of the time.

now we are in the bay area where we experience a little bit more of the chilly nights but don’t have to wake up early to shovel snow off of our car. that was the worst part of the snow — cleaning off your car and driving in it. i will have to insist on four wheel drive if we are ever to return to the snow!

these pictures are making my heart yearn for sweaters, pumpkins, apple cider and tights.


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falling for fall 1

when is it too early to start decorating for halloween?
i have already sent b to the store tonight to see if the grocery store has canned pumpkin (crossing my fingers)!

  • http://gochicyourself.com/ Marissa @ Go Chic Yourself

    Tell me about it! I’m in Florida and the temperature probably won’t drop down here for quite a while. I love Fall, so I’ll settle for at least in the mid-70’s! I can’t get into the pumpkin flavor season until it’s at least below 80 degrees lol

    xo, Marissa

    • Ems

      i know it seems a little weird to be buying pumpkin with the weather being so warm but i want to celebrate one of my favorite seasons for as long as i can! maybe if i just make my apartment really cold it will make me feel like it’s fall weather? Thanks for reading!

  • http://www.hislittlelady.com TJ

    Aw, this post is making me so happy for Fall! Great picks girly :)
    xo TJ