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Pacific Catch

I am normally not one to eat at chains. I mean granted there are some good ones out there (hello In-N-Out and Chipotle), but I usually prefer to find something local as to get a better “taste” of the city I am in.
If there is a handful of the same restaurant only available in the Bay Area is it really considered a chain? I don’t think so… at least I tell myself that because I couldn’t pass up on dining at Pacific Catch.

Pacific Catch is an island inspired restaurant with various locations throughout the Bay Area. B’s brother was in town a couple of weeks ago and I figured it was the perfect time to try this well established and highly rated restaurant. I have always been obsessed with Poke but don’t eat it very often on the main land so when I saw such a variety of poke it really sealed the deal!

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I, of course, tried the poke trio plate. There are about eight different variations of the Hawaiian delicacy available at Pacific Catch. I chose to try the original, California style and Macadamia Nut. All were tasty and the fish so incredibly fresh. It is a lot of tuna at one time so I would probably opt to share this entree next time. California Style was by far my favorite because of the creamy sauce and addition of rock crab and avocado. I would have to say my least favorite would be ahi macadamia nut. It was still very fresh but the flavors were not as vibrant as the other two.

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B and his brother, J , are not raw fish eaters so they opted for fish & chips and fish tacos. J said his fish & chips were the top 5 he had ever had! The fish was perfectly battered and fried to perfection. B loves tacos (especially chicken tacos) so he chose one fish and one chicken. But guess what? He preferred the fish taco! That is how you know the fish here is perfect. I did sneak a couple fries, which are seasoned and let me tell you they were seasoned just right! It seemed to have a bit of a spicy BBQ flavor. Whatever it was it really spiced up the once ordinary side dish! Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

You always have to save room for dessert! I chose to treat myself to the macadamia nut brownie a la mode and dusted with toasted coconut. Yummmmmm It was superb. I love love a macadamia nut and chocolate combo. I wish they would have subbed the vanilla ice cream with macadamia nut and then it would have been out of this world! Have you ever made a chocolate shake with macadamia nut ice cream? My mom makes them all the time when we are in Kauai and it is one of my favorite shakes of all time. The main land really needs to offer more macadamia nut ice cream options.

I also hear the fried dulce de leche spring rolls are one of their specialties! I will have to try the next time we come because there was no way I was passing up macadamia nut heaven.


It was so fun seeing J while he was in town for a couple days at a conference. It was fun to show him a little around our city and give him a taste of what the Bay Area has to offer. Pacific Catch is a great representation of that!



Ready for another lunch hot spot in Palo Alto?

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Pluto’s offers fresh sandwiches, salads, dessert bars all within budget (I am talking a fresh entree size salad with toppings for $7.50)! I either like to build my own salad or sandwich but they do have signature dishes that everyone raves about. Plutos even cooks a turkey every day to slice meat for sandwiches. How do I know this? Because they slice it right in front of you! Talk about fresh!

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The service is quick even though there always seems to be some what of a line (which may be a good sign). There is a bar area that faces the street and I love sitting there on my lunch break to people watch. Not to mention, the bright colored furniture always makes the space feel so happy and inviting. Pluto’s is a staple when eating lunch in Palo Alto!

Don’t forget to indulge yourself with their Saturn’s Garlic Potato Rings or Orbital Onion Rings with Pluto’s BBQ dipping sauce!


I currently work in downtown Palo Alto (you know where Zukerburg reins) and there is quite the variety of restaurants to try. I usually go out once a week to explore something new but, one restaurant I keep on going back to is Lyfe Kitchen.


Lyfe Kitchen is a healthy “fast-food” option. All the entrees are under 600 calories! Not only that, but the diversity is unmatched. Some of my favorites include Art’s Unfried Chicken, Fish Tacos and the Quinoa Crunch Wrap. “Lyfe Waters” are the perfect pairing to any entrée – the orange ginger chia is so refreshing!

So excited to

Lyfe Kitchen has several locations throughout California as well as Nevada, Illinois, Colorado and Texas.

What is your go-to lunch spot and why do you like it?