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Packing up for Palm Springs

friday evening we will be driving all night to palm springs. it is about a 7 hour trip and i am surprisingly excited to drive vs. fly because we save money and i get more alone time with my b.
b and i have done many roadtrips to and from utah and even though i am usually not looking forward to being in a car for 10+ hours it always turns out to be a fun and memorable time. b is the perfect travel buddy. 

as i day dream about our long weekend in palm springs, all i can think about now is what on earth i should pack. i never fail to over pack for any occasion, but with us driving and not being restricted by the 50 pound limit it may get a little crazy. i don’t have to hold back and the options of what to bring are endless.

here is what is on my packing list.


1. of course i have to bring this swan floatie for the countless hours i will be poolside. i mean who doesn’t want to float the day away on a giant swan? it also allows me to stay cool in the pool and read my book at the same time. win win.

2. i seriously need a good kimono to act as a bathing suit cover up. i have been eyeing this one from forever 21, but they don’t have my size online and it is not available in stores. guess i will have to head to the mall tonight and see what i can find. where have you found your favorite kimono? maybe i am jumping on the bandwagon too late in the game…

3. is it weird if i bring my own birthday candles? i mean the flamingos definitely go with the palm springs vibe and how adorable would these candles look atop a perfectly white cake? but really is it vain? i love celebrating others’ birthdays and think little details like this make it all the more magical. maybe these candles will help me remember to embrace my age.

4. the sun will be a blazing in palm springs so i will need to make sure to not only protect my skin from the harmful rays but also my hair! This perfect light weight spray from aveda is water resistant and should last for up to 16 hours. yes, please!

5. i do not usually shop at american eagle, but instantly fell in love with these tan gladiator sandals. and for that price point, why not? gladiators are the perfect shoe to transition from pool to around town to an evening out.

6. this is the book i just started and plan  to read a lot while lounging. i am 2 chapters in and am getting hooked. what book are you reading this summer?

7. playing cards are the perfect travel size game. my family loves to play board games, card games, lawn games, you name it we play it.  we all are pretty competitive so it is always a roller coaster ride of emotions as one team is winning and the other losing. i am thinking we should pick up some palm springs inspired playing cards as a souvenir.

8. you bet i will be packing my fujifilm camera to document the trip in instax. i loving taking photos with it.

9.  with all that sun talk you can’t forget a cute bathing suit!

anything you think i am forgetting?
of course i will bring my panama and sun hats with lots of sunscreen. that is a given.


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