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Let’s Talk Travel

Part of the reason (a big part) I started this blog was to provide comprehensive guides of cities I have traveled to. I already research like crazy before a trip, excursion, getaway, restaurant (anything really) and so I wanted this blog available to those who don’t love researching as much and just wanted to know the best of the best.
Let’s be honest, a big part of the fun for me in traveling is the research in discovering the best mix of touristy must sees and local gems. That feeling after your research has paid off and memories are made is priceless.

Sometimes (okay, maybe a majority of the time) I wish I could go to a different city every day and explore and find the best things to do, eat, see and experience. It would be a dream really. Unfortunately, that is not my day time gig so for now I will travel the world every day through pictures and others’ experiences. Sometimes I feel like I work so hard to save money to travel the world and yet because I have a day job my travel is insanely limited. I don’t know how people do it. Between holidays and family events, there goes my PTO. But, I am not trying to complain. I am thankful for all that I have. I am thankful for where I am. I am thankful for living in a place that offers so many diverse staycations. I am thankful for the time I do have to travel because it makes me prioritize.

Here is a list of my current top 5 places I am planning to see and experience (it changes weekly):

1. Turks + Caicos



2. Puerto Rico



3.Phuket, Thailand



4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



5. Istanbul, Turkey



Yes, I realize all of these places are surrounded by the ocean. I guess I just have sandy toes and salty hair on the brain.

What are your top five travel destinations as of late?


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