Review: The Cookie Dough Cafe

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remember my desire to try the cookie dough cafe after seeing it featured on shark tank?
i mean it just seemed like the perfect concoction. edible cookie dough (no risk of salmonella)  and a clean kitchen?
sign me up.

unfortunately, at the time there was not a grocery store in the bay area that sold the cookie dough cafe and so i had to give up on my dream. at least for a little while.
yes, i could have purchased it online but all that is offered is buying all four flavors at once and it is completely over priced (we’re are talking $45+).

then b surprised me with with the cookie dough cafe
for christmas!
i guess fresh market in palo alto recently decided to carry the precious treat.
he bought all three available flavors and so i thought it was perfect time to give you guys the low down.

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the cookie dough cafe completely nailed it. i absolutely loved chocolate chip and cookies & cream. you really don’t notice the lack of eggs. both flavors completely hit the sweet spot and tasted fresh and delicious.
i will say that i would be able to tell the difference between home made cookie dough and the cookie dough cafe but it is slight and this way i can have cookie dough without the hassle of making cookies. i was surprised at how much i liked the cookies & cream flavor. b said he liked it more than ice cream!

the downfall with the cookie dough cafe is the monster flavor. monster is comprised of oats, peanut butter and m&ms. this mixture sounds like my favorite cookie but, unfortunately, i really did not care for the dough. in fact i had a couple bites and threw the rest of the tub away. it just did nothing for me and i hate wasting calories on stuff i am just eating to eat.

there are four flavors currently being produced by the cookie dough cafe : naked, chocolate chip, monster and cookies & creme. i am sure the naked flavor is exactly like chocolate chip but without the chocolate chips and would be delicious as well. best of the best award would have to go to chocolate chip followed closely by cookies & cream. i am crossing my fingers the cookie dough cafe comes out with a sugar cookie flavor next because making sugar cookies around the holidays made me realize how much i love that dough.

now that you know my weekend was filled with endless spoonfuls of cookie dough (to taste test over and over of course), how was your weekend?

  • Soapie

    they make cookie dough that doesn’t have salmonella risk?! i looooveeeee cookie dough. i just browsed the site through your link and saw they have some not too far from me. next time i trek out to the city i’m going to search for it! thanks for the review!!

    • Emily

      yes, soapie you must try it! i am a lover of cookie dough as well and this makes it that much easier (and healthier) to indulge in. best shark tank product !
      thanks for reading xx

  • emi

    i saw this on shark tank and wanted to try too!! thanks for the recap :)

    i’m about to go stalk all of your east bay posts for a weekend we have in berkeley soon! :)


    • Emily

      you must try cookie dough cafe. it really was delicious. i can see why all the sharks wanted in on the deal.

      yay berkley is a fun area. i need to explore it more. you need to eat at casa latina!