Stars & Stripes

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With 4th of July coming up (I realize I may be a tad early but have to prepare for shipping and lets face it I am early in all that I do), all I can think about is what I will wear to celebrate America accordingly.  We were wanting to venture down to Big Sur for camping at the beach but all the tent spots are completely booked so we will probably just head to a beach nearby. All I need is some bbq, a beach and fireworks and it is a good 4th of July.

I realized after putting, this board together, I do not have any red in my finds.
I know, I know I am a bad American, but I think it is because I just love white & blue so much. I figure sweaters, accessories and lipstick can bring the red in, right?
Also, how amazing are those star slip ons? If that doesn’t scream “God Bless America” I don’t know what does.

What are your plans for fourth of July?